Case Studies: Restaurants

Selected case studies showing how Social Media Strategist & Content Writer Nureen has taken clients' businesses from zero to hero



Social Media Content, Graphics & Management

OBJECTIVE: A local restaurant approached me when they needed someone to revamp their social media presence using engaging content that targeted locals. The client wanted fun, engaging content to get people to like and comment on posts. 

CHALLENGE: The restaurant hadn't posted in months and previous content wasn't on-brand or optimized for the platform. 

RESULTS: I was able to reach 1.3K people organically after just my first post on their page. The post reached 120% of their audience. Within a month period I was able to increase the page likes organically, create on brand content and reached at least 70% of their page audience with each post. 

'Nureen has been doing a wonderful job of posting entertaining posts that are truly engaging viewers. Her posts have definitely got the humour needed to kick off the campaign.'


Social Media Strategy, Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Content, SEO, Website Design and Giveaway Campaigns

OBJECTIVE: A newly opened unique concept butcher shop and restaurant needed to create local awareness of their presence using social media as well as increase sales, manage their online reputation. I was brought in to manage all aspects of their marketing prior to the opening, which also included creating all the marketing materials. Social Media following wasn't the objective, but rather having more leads that would eat at the restaurant

CHALLENGE: As a new restaurant in the city, the challenge was in creating campaigns that had that 'local feel' while increasing foot traffic and interest through social media. 

RESULTS: Within the first few months of business, I helped create their online presence and grow it to target the local market strategically, by reaching out to bloggers, local influencers. I also ran a 'giveaway' competition that resulted in over 40% ROAS using less than $100 in ad spend. The business is now well known locally and receives constant foot traffic via website SEO and social media. 

“Every time we ask our diners and customers how they heard about us, they say Instagram or "I saw your post on social media". Nureen's done a great job so far in creating the right buzz and the giveaway brought us a lot of business. She has great ideas.”