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Selected case studies showing Nureen's previous work

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Personal Branding using Social Media

As an early adopter of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, personal branding is no stranger to me, though it's not something I paid much attention to when it came to my own brand. Fun fact: I almost wiped out my entire online footprint in 2012.

In mid 2017, after an influx of new clients wanting to see my own brand presence, I decided it was time to start getting visible again. 

From mid 2017 until March 2018, I barely had a LinkedIn presence and decided that needed to change. I was able to grow my connections to over 6K between March - August of 2018, getting 2K profile views and over 1k views per post in less than 24 hours. My profile has been optimized enabling me to show up in searches which has resulted in at least 60% of my clients coming through the platform alone between April 2018 and December 2018. I currently have nearly 10K connections.

Using my expertise in Instagram growth, Instagram was my secondary platform to re-gain online visibility. Using specific hashtags, copy and content, my profile is optimized for inbound lead generation. It's been my second source of Lead Generation after my personal LinkedIn account.

Some comments i've received from new leads:

‘I love your Instagram, can you make mine look like that?' - Executive Coach

'I'm opening a business, I want it to have the ambience of your feed'  - Spa Owner

'Maybe we could make my Instagram look like yours, it looks like a lot of work but it looks great!' - Fashion Brand Owner

My combined following on both of these platforms has generated an influx of new clients and with an optimized profile, I am frequently contacted by brands and services wanting to add me as affiliates and a social media influencers for services frequently used by digital marketers and content creators. 

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Social Media Management, Marketing, Copywriting,

With a growing client base, my work needed to create a dynamic team and a place to call home, but it needed to be something that resonated with what I was offering & Social Edit was born. 'Social' for all things social media and 'Edit' to emphasize my copywriting and content writing skills, resulting in the fusion of 'Social Edit' to encompass everything from strategy, consultations, audits and the part of digital marketing that isn't visible right away. It was seamless and said everything I needed it to. 

I designed the website from the ground up, developed the brand strategy, created and wrote all the website copy and provided direction for our social media channels.