Case Studies: Non Profits

Selected case studies showing how some of Social Media Strategist & Content Writer Nureen's work.


Client: Festival of friendship

Head of Marketing (Brand Consulting, Sponsorship and Social Media)

 OBJECTIVE: With a growing local youth base, the organization was created to facilitate programs encouraging youth to participate in productive programs to encourage inter-community networking, more involvement in sporting events, forums for leadership and future personality/career growth. 

MY ROLE: Working with the marketing and creative team on developing a brand voice, look, website and creating an online presence on social media. I created the Facebook page, created and curated content promoting sports, leadership and business/education programs. 

In less than 3 months was able to create a recognizable brand, grow the Facebook page to over 1K likes and attain 80% turn out to events, using Facebook as the primary medium of communication. In 6 months, I had been guest on popular local radio stations promoting the programs, leading to successful outreach capturing the attention of brands like Samsung to partner on projects. 

‘We needed someone with Nureen's experience and track record to join our team as head of marketing consultant to initiate the program's marketing efforts. Easy to communicate with and readily available, a great team player and leader. 



Marketing Consultant: Content Writing, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Brand Consulting (2009-2013)

The youth programs had started to see a decline in attendance at events despite a growing youth demographic within the local community. Understanding the objectives, I laid out a target persona and based on that created a marketing strategy that was successful in reaching their ideal audience.

Previously all communication was through announcements and email, with most programs devised by a team that was disconnected to the evolving youth trends.

My first step was to create a social media presence based on the knowledge that over 80% of the target aged 13-34 were new and very active on Facebook (2009) and didn't check email. I created a private page primarily for sending out information on our newly devised programs which now included leadership, sports, social events and educational programs. I created content in a tone, voice that appealed to the age demographic. 

The first 2 months saw a private user base of over 600 youth. The programs over the next 12 months saw a turnout of more than 60% and the messaging style being relatable helped the younger demographic (13-19 year olds) see the organization as 'fun and cool' 

“Nureen has been a great asset in the success of our programs. We're grateful she didn't give up but insisted we needed to be on Facebook! It's been a huge success. Thank you."

I have worked with various other non-profits in various capacities.

Mercy Mission: Social Media Coordinator towards the build up of a conference in Vancouver, BC. Increased their Facebook likes by over 400% in a 3 week period and increased Facebook engagement by 1200% by developing a content strategy and schedule. 

BCMA: This a voluntary position where I periodically assist the various committees with content writing for announcements, copywriting and design for event posters/collateral and assist during events, as well as offering promotional ideas to cater to different segments of the community.