Case Studies: Nureen

Selected case studies showing how Social Media Strategist & Content Writer Nureen has taken clients' businesses from zero to hero


Client: ExactMats

Social Media Consulting, Marketing & Management

When I began working with them, they wanted to take an already niche auto product and horizontally integrate it to cater to the home & office market and needed a social media strategy for this, and to grow their social media accounts which weren’t on brand, consistent and heavy on the auto promotions. 

After implementing strategic Facebook ads, I was able to reach over 7000 people with an average of $14 ad spend per ad set, and getting over 80% website referral traffic from Facebook alone, therefore able to drive website traffic through different ad sets. I increased their Instagram following organically to over 200 from having 26 followers when we started. I increased their Twitter following from 16 to over 400 within the first few weeks and began posting on brand, consistent content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

I developed and strategized a successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday giveaway campaign increasing holiday sales considerably as well as creating awareness to their ‘home and office’ products. 

Working closely with the marketing director, I often provide consultations and strategies on how best to improve their overall social media presence.

‘Wonderful to work with. In only a few months increased our followers on Instagram at least 3x. I would not hesitate to refer anyone who needs social media marketing to Nureen.’


Social Media Strategy, Management & Marketing. Website Content, Ad Scripts, Ad Copy, Social Media Content, Blog Content, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing & Drip Campaign

When I began working with Easy Disc, the client initially contracted me about content for their website re-launch and copywriting for their video ad campaigns. The company invested in ads, but didn’t create content across their social media channels, didn't have an 'on-brand' presence or ‘customer service’ by way of community and online reputation management. Once the content stage was complete, I mapped out a strategy and took over management of their socials.

Within a short time I was able to increase their response rate to over 90% and reduce their response time from 10 days to 3 hours. I was also able to turn negative comments into positive ones by simply providing helpful community management via Facebook and Instagram. Increased their Facebook fan base by over 5000 in just 4 months, increased engagement across all their channels through social media posts and user generated content to not only increase engagement, but add social proof and was able to restore customer satisfaction, through strategic community and online reputation management. 

Through the success of the above (content, specific call to action, repaired online reputation), the client further contracted me to create blog content as well as copy for their email marketing campaigns. 

“Amazing! The quality of work she provides is exactly what I had been looking for and haven’t been able to find. I loved the content and scripts to the ads as well as how she handled our social media!"